The commitment by the DRÄXLMAIER Group is as versatile as the regions in which the company operates.

A reliable partner to the community, DRÄXLMAIER makes a positive contribution to the development of the regions and helps to create an attractive environment at its sites – in both social and commercial terms. The company applies this approach around the world with ist commitment to culture, social responsibility, sports and education.

Fostering talents - in education and sport

DRÄXLMAIER particularly cares about fostering and supporting young talents. In 2017, the DRÄXLMAIER Group hosted the regional Jugend forscht state competition for Bavaria and was also partner company of the competition.

DRÄXLMAIER promotes careers in technology and automotive to young people with events like holiday programs for public school students and Girls' Day, right up to Apprenticeship Night. The company also plays a part in the Interactive Silicon Vilstal Festival, which promotes innovations and entrepreneurial spirit.

For many years, DRÄXLMAIER has also been a partner to sports teams like the Rote Raben and the Baskets Vilsbiburg, the EVL Landshut, the Spielvereinigung Landshut , the TSV Vilsbiburg and the student-run LA eRacing electro vehicle racing team at the Landshut Polytechnic school.

Supporting society and region

Culture is an essential part of society as it links people and inspires them – for DRÄXLMAIER, this is a good reason to contribute to regional cultural events in order to promote a living cultural landscape. With its long-standing partnerships, the company supports a wide variety of events at the headquarters in Vilsbiburg near Landshut.

The employees of the DRÄXLMAIER Group are also eager to show their commitment. Like the annual charity campaign for the needy in Eastern Europ, for which employees in Germany have been collecting clothing and toys every year since 1995. Donations have been sent to Moldova since 2007. A total of 13,000 kilograms of clothing and toys were collected in 2017.

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