The company’s roots

Always independent

Entrepreneurship is constant within the Dräxlmaier family. As early as 1875, Sebastian Dräxlmaier ran a factory for leather pants, skiing gloves, helmets and motorcycle clothing in Geisenhausen. On May 8, 1958, his son Fritz Dräxlmaier Sr. and his wife Lisa founded “Elisabeth Dräxlmaier”.  It was at the time of the famous German “economic miracle” and the beginning of the success story of the automobile. Yet, this step demanded a lot of courage. “I admire my parents’ pioneering spirit and how they firmly believed that their company would be a success”, says CEO Fritz Dräxlmaier.

The dream of individual mobility

The DRÄXLMAIER company emerged from a friendship between Lisa and Fritz Dräxlmaier Sr. and Hans and Anderl Glas. This friendship was linked to the belief that the automobil would fulfill the dream of individual mobility. The Goggomobil was built at the Hans Glas plant in Dingolfing, which was originally an agricultural machinery factory. The newly established DRÄXLMAIER company made the wiring harnesses for the compact car. Not long after that, the second product line was set up when DRÄXLMAIER supplied the door panels for the Goggomobil, which was built until 1969.

Top performance for our customers

Since ist early years, the family-owned company has been continuously and steadily growing. In the global automobile industry, DRÄXLMAIER has an international focus. DRÄXLMAIER  delivers its products just-in-sequence to the assembly lines of the customers – thus production is always in close proximity to the carmakers.

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