60 years of strong character

Celebrating our anniversary

In its 60-year history, the DRÄXMAIER Group has developed from a family business into one of the world’s 100 largest automotive suppliers. Here is a look at our distinctive history.

Visionary characters

The Dräxlmaier family has left ist mark on the DRÄXLMAIER Group since ist beginning days in 1958.

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Cars with character

DRÄXLMAIER creates character in premium vehicles with exclusive interior products: Perfect craftsmanship is applied to create luxurious interior solutions to meet the highest demands. At the same time, DRÄXLMAIER provides comfort for the driver with its complex, customer-specific wiring systems.

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DRÄXLMAIER shows character

As a partner to the regions in which it operates, the DRÄXLMAIER Group supports for social causes, sports, education and culture – for more than 60 years.

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Character at DRÄXLMAIER

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