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3 Questions to Lisa Hartenhauer Plant assistant at DRÄXLMAIER in Leipzig

Why did you choose your profession?
Organizing is exactly my thing and I wanted to take what I'm good at and apply it to my job. In addition to my organizational talent, my good network and ability to work in a team are my benefits. As a location assistant, it is also important to be empathetic, to be able to relate well to people and to work in a structured way - very challenging, and the perfect mix for me!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Our battery plant here in Leipzig is only a year and a half old. That means team building is a big topic for us: we're building new teams, we're close to the employees, we're creating interfaces. It's very exciting to define new structures and to be able to support a site in its development. I have the feeling that I can make a difference!

I have a good overview and am very happy to help everyone quickly with a wide variety of questions. I feel very appreciated for that. I also find it extremely exciting to see how the automotive industry is developing and how DRÄXLMAIER is shaping the transformation in the field of e-mobility. I get to be a part of this development and that's a great feeling.

What skills and talents do you need in your job?
For me, it's flexibility above all: I can always provide assistance and, thanks to my network and holistic knowledge of the processes at the site, I have an answer for everything - that's my claim.