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2000 to 2009: Into the new millennium

Natural fibers
and new plants

DRÄXLMAIER continued to expand. In 2003, a new plant was opened in Shenyang, China. Production in the electrical and interior segments began there at the beginning of 2004.

In 2005, DRÄXLMAIER expanded further in Mexico. After Reynosa, the company built a site in San Luis Potosi, and in the next four years opened two additional sites in the country.

The company is also growing in Eastern Europe. Production begun in the Republic of Moldova in 2007. 

In 2008, DRÄXLMAIER introduced the lightest natural fiber composite material for the automotive interior. The door panel, developed for the 7 Series from BMW, consists of a biocomposite material and is still the lightest of its kind today.

Alternative powertrains are becoming more and more popular. DRÄXLMAIER invested early in the research and development of battery systems for electric vehicles, thereby laying the groundwork for this business field. In 2009, the company received an order for the high-voltage electrical systems in various Mercedes-Benz and Smart models.

2010 - 2019: Four product segments

New horizons