Student trainees and interns

During your college studies, you can explore both theory and practice, and deepen your technical knowledge at the DRÄXLMAIER Group. You will cooperate actively, gain insights into company processes and build a network of interesting contacts, including technical and management personnel as well as specialists. All of this will make your professional orientation much easier.

We offer both mandatory internships as well as voluntary internships in business and technical areas. An internship generally lasts between three and six months, and you will receive a fair compensation from us.

As part of a student trainee program, you are enrolled in a university or technical college, and work flexibly at the DRÄXLMAIER Group at the same time as you pursue your studies.

Do you want to study scientific topics in a practical environment? Apply now for a thesis study at DRÄXLMAIER; we welcome "cold" applications. We will closely review each topic and its possible applications, and speak to the right supervisors to assure optimum support in your thesis work.

Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Lukas Merkle Doctoral candidate at the DRÄXLMAIER campus

Lukas is obtaining his doctorate at the chair for Automotive Engineering at TU Munich in cooperation with the DRÄXLMAIER campus in Garching (near Munich). In doing this, he is bringing theory and practice together.

"The advantage of working together with DRÄXLMAIER is that I can immediately check my research findings against actual reality."

Technical pre-placement internship

Do you need a pre-placement or general internship as a requirement for your technical studies? At the DRÄXLMAIER Group, you can gain your first practical experience and meet the formal requirements for your studies.

For a full-time pre-study internship, please apply via the following mailbox:

In addition, please send us 
• a detailed application letter, including the desired time period;
• a complete resume;
• a copy (scan) of your last certificate (proof of grades); and
• your school's guidelines for  pre-placement and general internships.

Our highlights

One big team

Onboarding: During your time with us, you will be supported by a technical sponsor, as well as assisted with all other topics and questions you may have. Connecting cultures: We work together as one big team, across countries and continents. Apply now!