DRÄXLMAIER exhibits its first Multilayer that is ready for production

01. October 2018 At the IZB 2018, the DRÄXLMAIER Group presented innovative solutions for premium vehicles with conventional and alternative drives.

The mega-trends in the automobile industry, like autonomous driving, connectivity and electro-mobility are placing increasing demands – both on power and data supply in the vehicle and on interiors. Functional safety is also becoming more important. The car of the future will demand reliable solutions – from storing energy to distributing, contacting and fusing, right up to the function itself, like lighting in the interior.

The central element for the power supply of future vehicle generations is the Multilayer developed by the DRÄXLMAIER Group up to series production and it is being presented to the public for the first time at the IZB. It can be integrated as the central element in the on-board wiring system and thanks to its multi-layer structure triggers off EMC field erasure throughout all voltage ranges. Thanks to its material and its form, it offers savings in both space and weight. Intelligent contacting  helps to reduce power loss. Outflows that can be freely positioned and sophisticated body shell mounting make the Multilayer a fundamental element of the on-board wiring system of the future. It makes a decisive contribution to reliable, high-performance, safe power supply, both in electric vehicles and in autonomous driving.

Current battery storage systems need an on-board wiring system that reliably transports the power to wherever it is needed. An ideal addition to the Multilayer in electric vehicles in the next generation high-voltage wiring harness that expands the system boundaries with a solution for connecting the high-voltage wiring harness to the charging socket. This meets all the requirements for thermo management and a reliable charging function.

Safe reliable fusing in high-voltage on-board wiring systems 
The high-voltage control box is designed for connecting the cell package to the high-voltage wiring harnesses. It contains precise measurement and control electronics, which meet the requirements set out by ASIL risk level C, including an integrated thermal management function. Its shunt-based DRÄXLMAIER current/voltage sensor dIUS works at the highest level of precision, while switching and loading procedures can be monitored. Safety in the 48V wiring harness is provided by the dFuseSmart 48 Volt, a 48 volt functional module kit featuring an arc detector, active trip characteristic, differential measurement, sensing, switching and distribution functions. In the low-voltage wiring harness,  the main fuse box made by DRÄXLMAIER supplies electrical consumers with the necessary potential from a central control unit. It operates, distributes and connects the connected wires in the pre-defined way – flexibly by way of variable fuse sizes and assignments.

Patented Friction Welding Technology
Another central module for efficient energy flow is innovative contacting. The DRÄXLMAIER Fast Charging Connector dFCC is an innovative contact system that is marked by high power and impulse resistance for fast charging in connection with the DRÄXLMAIER High Performance Terminal dHPT+19. The friction-welded cable lugs are an alternative to conventional joining processes for contacting aluminum cables. The patented friction welding method creates substance-to-substance bonding of durable, low-ohmic  Al-Cu strand contacts. This method makes it easier to use aluminum wires in energy wiring systems, as it enables simple process control without any auxiliary joining parts and easily-realizable optical  quality testing.

E-Mobility with up to 800 Volt
In hybrid vehicles and E-vehicles, the battery is a key element. The DRÄXLMAIER Group   develops and produces high-voltage battery storage systems with up to 800 volt for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. System integration is done independently of the cells and the storage systems have an optimized cooling concept.
DRÄXLMAIER keeps track of the whole system and also makes a battery management system that includes the battery control unit and includes insulation monitoring and thermos management, current and voltage sensor and  cell voltage measurement and control. With that, the Top 100 Supplier provides an integrated system and electronics solution and also enables efficient diagnosis and integration of safety solutions.

Emotional and functional light technologies
Ambient lighting is a particularly striking feature in the vehicle. The Paspol made by DRÄXLMAIER creates an emotional light scenario by means of homogenous linear lighting in laminated surfaces. More than 16 million colors with  8-bit control can be shown in extremely small space with only one RGB LED. It also enables homogeneous, constant light to be spread, even in a plugged variant. Interior lighting is also becoming increasingly important to display vehicle functions or give signals to the driver. Thus, Dynamic Light that runs dynamically along a light guide, is ideal for displaying warnings, because moving light is perceived more quickly.

Find out more about DRÄXLMAIER products at the stand of the DRÄXLMAIER Group at the IZB (Hall 1, stand 1226) and at www.draexlmaier.com/izb.

General information


The DRÄXLMAIER Group supplies premium automobile manufacturers worldwide with complex wiring harness systems, central electrical and electronic components, exclusive interiors, and battery systems for electromobility. The combination of core competencies in the interior, electrical, electronic and battery systems areas makes DRÄXLMAIER unique in the industry. The company thereby covers the entire process chain, from the initial idea, through the development and production process, and up to precisely in-sequence delivery of the products to the assembly lines of premium automobile manufacturers. The inventor of the customer-specific wiring harness, the DRÄXLMAIER Group develops pioneering wiring harness technology as well as electrical and electronic components, all directly in-house. These include multi-voltage and high-voltage wiring harness systems, battery management systems and intelligent power distributors. DRÄXLMAIER is working on the future of emission-free mobility with its solution for low-voltage and high-voltage battery systems. As a market leader for interior systems in premium automobiles, the DRÄXLMAIER Group also supplies premium automobile manufacturers with ambient lighting, center consoles, door panels and instrument panels, as well as complete door and cockpit modules.  

The DRÄXLMAIER Group is an international automotive supplier with about 65 sites in over 20 countries. Founded in Germany in 1958, the company employs about 75,000 employees throughout the world. For the DRÄXLMAIER Group as an owner-managed business, responsible and long-range thinking has always been the basis for economic success. It is therefore a core element of its strategy to design its business and production processes, as well as its products, in a more sustainable manner and in that way to increase the competitiveness of the company on a long-term basis.

In 2020, the DRÄXLMAIER Group generated sales of 4.2 billion euro. Customers of this member of the Top 100 Automotive Suppliers include Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche and Volkswagen, as well as Californian automotive manufacturers.