DRÄXLMAIER China promotes social responsibility with the Rainbow Art Project

08. January 2024 Non-profit art education for the 20th anniversary of DRÄXLMAIER in China

DRÄXLMAIER China has launched the Rainbow Art Project, a non-profit art education project, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2023. The Rainbow Art Painting Class aims to encourage children's creative development and help them build confidence through professional art lessons.

Creativity and Environmental Awareness: The Rainbow Art Project in Action

On November 12th, the Rainbow Art Project was held at Shenyang Merchants Garden City, supported by the Shenyang Charity Federation and the Shenyang Chapter of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. Under the guidance of experienced art teachers, the children had the opportunity to paint together on a thematic scroll. This unique experience not only sparked the children's interest in art, but also helped spread environmental awareness.

A flea market for environmental protection and a sense of community

A highlight of the event was the flea market, where the children exchanged and auctioned off their items that were no longer needed. This action not only served to promote environmental protection, but also taught the children the value of recycling and resource management. Through the flea market, the children made new friends and found joy in making a personal contribution to a sustainable future.

Award for exemplary commitment

The exemplary commitment of DRÄXLMAIER China was honored at the end of the event. The company obtained the "Public Welfare Partner" certificate from the Shenyang Charity Federation. This award honors DRÄXLMAIER China as a partner in social matters and at the same time marks the successful completion of the Rainbow Art Project. The event not only leaves a creative influence on the young participants, but also underlines DRÄXLMAIER China's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable action in the community.

General information


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