Our supply chain management and logistics jobs

At over 60 locations in more than 20 countries, we produce tailored products of the highest quality to meet the high standards of our premium customers.

Thanks to excellent processes, an advanced network, and our supply chain management, which is geared toward customer needs, we deliver exactly that premium quality, just in time and just in sequence. We connect the world, its people, its cultures, and its productions.

In this complex, sophisticated network, you hold the reins. Even with a high degree of digitalization at the process level, logistics is and will always be people business. And that is exactly why our supply chain and logistics jobs combine huge potential and wide-ranging opportunities for you.

Join us in actively shaping the entire production process; analyze and improve logistics to ensure our material flow and delivery capacities cost-effectively and sustainably. You will quickly see: Connecting the world means shaping the world. And the future. One major key is intelligent, hands-on logistics. Apply now and meet your future.