Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Paul Obermayer Software developer

Together with his colleagues at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Paul works on simulations and models to determine the condition of vehicle batteries. The electrical engineer studied in Landshut, Munich and Madrid, and now works for DRÄXLMAIER on the mobility of the future.

What does your workday look like?
As programmers, we approach the issues in a very agile manner. We set mutual goals as a team, and in our "sprints" [the team defines a day's workload as a "sprint"] and daily discussions, we define concrete sub-projects that we work on every day. After the morning session, we start with the programming.

So you don’t just sit in a quiet chamber the whole day. Is teamwork pretty important?
The image of the programmer has changed. We’re pretty casual guys. Everyone in the team is open-minded, ready to learn and very motivated. Add to that the exciting issues we are working on, like electromobility, Cloud services or machine learning. Something is always changing here. As a team, we’re keeping pace with all these issues.

Your office is in the new GALILEO building at the Technical University (TU) in Garching. Is that the ideal site for you?
After finishing my studies, I wanted to stay in Munich. The fact that our office is on the TU campus is perfect for me. I can easily get to the center of the city or the surrounding region by subway. For me, that’s the ideal mix.