Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Daniel Billinger Expert for acquisition of battery systems

How do new battery projects get started at DRÄXLMAIER? Daniel is responsible for all acquisition projects in the development of battery systems. 

What is your job at DRÄXLMAIER? 
In the acquisition phase, I´m the central contact person on the development side.

In case of customer inquiries for new products, I create a concept in cooperation with the responsible departments, which is the basis for cost calculation for all departments. After submitting an offer, we present our battery concept to the customer. Once we have the order, I pass the project on to the development project team for further implementation - consisting of design, simulation, process development, prototype construction, testing and other development areas. 

Since I oversee all acquisitions in the battery systems segment and have an overview of current projects, I constantly try to identify optimization potential and implement it in future acquisitions. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
Direct customer contact and working on new concepts are my highlights. The field of e-mobility is still new, even for manufacturers, and it's fun to exchange ideas about it - especially in the development phase of battery systems. We are partners for our customers.  

It's also great to have such a widespread network in the company. I know the processes and the interaction of different functions. The experience I gained during my previous job as logistics project manager at DRÄXLMAIER also helps me. When you travel to plants all over the world, you see the implementation of projects in practice from logistics to production and get a holistic picture. 

What fascinates you about the battery systems segment? 
DRÄXLMAIER has been involved in e-mobility from the very beginning and is ensuring that the battery segment grows and becomes more and more successful. This holds great opportunities for the future and I am looking forward to helping shape them. I like the fact that the battery segment is young and dynamic. It motivates me very much to be able to contribute personally with my own ideas. DRÄXLMAIER combines the advantages of an established company with the innovative power of a startup.