Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Lilian Chen Offshore Logistics manager

How did you come to work for the DRÄXLMAIER Group?
After I had worked at a Chinese company for a few years, I wanted to make a professional change. Eleven years ago, I got the chance to work for the DRÄXLMAIER Group. At that time, the automotive industry was completely new for me.

How would you describe your city to your foreign colleagues?
Shenyang is a large city in the eastern part of China. Its residents are very open and hospitable. The city draws many foreigners, who work and study here.

What is your biggest professional challenge at the moment?
I am working right now on building up a stable, powerful and motivated team.

Would you briefly tell us what you do?
As a project manager, I am responsible for logistical processes, packaging and transport management.

What tip would you give a new employee on his or her first day of work?
A new employee always brings in good ideas and energy. I would advise him or her to take time and get to know the company, the team and its tasks. We colleagues will do our best to support them in this.

What are your personal goals?
Really just to live and work quietly and with satisfaction.

You never go to work in the morning without …
… a smile. This puts me in a good mood for the day.

When you come home tense, how do you relax?
I relax best with calm music, cartoon or comedy movies.

We all have our habits. What are yours?
Perseverance and optimism.