DRÄXLMAIER Procurement
Partner for a strong Supplier Network

As a strategic partner with a sustainable, holistic approach we lead the global supplier network to excellence and innovative solutions.


Efficient purchasing which is aligned with the corporate goals of the DRÄXLMAIER Group is a key success factor in our business model. In this context purchasing does not see itself as a supporting function but as an integral driver of the companies economic success.                                                                

Our strategic goals are aligned with the specific needs of the business segments in their respective market environments and actively address technological trends and future topics.

What we stand for

Vision & Mission
DRÄXLMAIER Procurement

We differentiate DRÄXLMAIER by competitive suppliers, create access to innovative technologies and establish a sustainable supply chain.

Our behaviour


Compliance with laws, rules and internal regulations is top priority at DRÄXLMAIER. We want to avoid risks that endanger the confidence of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders of the DRÄXLMAIER Group. Misconduct must therefore be detected early, investigated and immediately remedied. 

There are various ways for our employees to report a misconduct such as by letter, fax, telephone, e-mail or in person.
We also pay great importance to corresponding information from business partners, customers and other third parties. Inquiries can always be submitted in the local language so that everyone has the same opportunity to submit a report.


Our responsibility

in the Supplier Network

Protecting the climate, respecting human rights and securing a future worth living for future generations - all of these call for our joint responsible action, here and now, with full consequence. It is a matter of taking responsibility for one another. This attitude is nothing new for a family-owned company like DRÄXLMAIER but part of our self-image founded in a value system that has always determined our actions.

Here you can learn more about the implementation of the sustainability strategy in the supply chain.

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