Dräxlmaier Group awarded for excellence in technology management

18. February 2011 – Vilsbiburg (Germany), February 18, 2011. – The Dräxlmaier Group is one of the five most successful companies in respect of technology management. The up-to-date study, "Consortium benchmarking in technology management 2010/2011" of the Aachen based Fraunhofer Institute for production technology IPT revealed this. According to this, the early recognition of new technology, the planning of technology and the technology assessment of the Bavarian automobile supplier are considered to be exemplary.

Yesterday at its concluding conference at the Audi AG in Ingolstadt, the FraunhoferInstitute for production technology IPT honored the Dräxlmaier Group for itsoutstanding achievements in the field of technology management. Together with an industry consortium full of top-quality companies, among which were representatives of Robert Bosch GmbH and Daimler AG, the Aachen researchers acknowledged the exemplary way in which the Bavarian automobile supplier seizes on new technologies and promotes innovation. Dräxlmaier's particular highlights: avery compelling innovation process which identifies customers' future requirements early on, a clearly defined assessment system and a comprehensive management, which extends over all project phases.

„Gallic village“ leading in the development of new ideas

The concept of the so-called "Gallic village" has also been fully convincing in the consortium benchmarking, rejoiced Professor Dr. Jörg Elsenbach who is responsible for the company development at Dräxlmaier. He commented that thespecial atmosphere of this Think Tank, which is consciously separate from themain company, offers the engineers and technicians who work there enormousfreedom and flexibility. In the Dräxlmaier spin-off founded in 2009, new ideas cansimply be created and pioneering technological projects - such as those in thesector of electromobility - can be push started. "There, you are allowed to be a bitmad and in the future you can think as if you are in a classic company. However,as soon as an idea is fully developed and there is a new technology, we integratethis then into production development in the main company," continues Elsenbach.

Around 300 participants - Dräxlmaier is among the five best

Around 300 companies from various branches took part in the international projectstudy initiated by Fraunhofer Institute for production technology IPT. Only five of them - among which is Dräxlmaier - made it to the final round thanks to their "successful practices". For Dräxlmaier, it is already the second distinction since 2006 which the company has received from the Aachen research institute for its excellent technology management.


DAA Draexlmaier Automotive of America LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dräxlmaier Group of Germany. The company’s main lines of business include interior components, cockpits, wiring harness and electrical management systems. Customers in North America include BMW, General Motors/Cadillac and Volkswagen.


The DRÄXLMAIER Group supplies premium automobile manufacturers worldwide with complex wiring harness systems, central electrical and electronic components, exclusive interiors, and storage systems for electric mobility. The combination of core competencies in the interior, electrical, electronic and storage systems areas makes DRÄXLMAIER unique in the industry. The company thereby covers the entire process chain, from the initial idea, through the development and production process, and up to precisely in-sequence delivery of the products to the assembly lines of premium automobile manufacturers. The inventor of the customer-specific wiring harness, the DRÄXLMAIER Group develops pioneering wiring harness technology as well as electrical and electronic components, all directly in-house. These include multi-voltage and high-voltage wiring harness systems, battery management systems, and intelligent power distributors. DRÄXLMAIER is working on the future of emission-free mobility with its solution for low-voltage and high-voltage storage systems. As a market leader for interior systems in premium automobiles, the DRÄXLMAIER Group also supplies premium automobile manufacturers with ambient lighting, center consoles, door panels and instrument panels, as well as complete door and cockpit modules.

The DRÄXLMAIER Group is an international automotive supplier with more than 60  sites in over 20 countries. Founded in Germany in 1958, the company employs about  75,000 employees throughout the world. For the DRÄXLMAIER Group as an owner-managed business, responsible and long-range thinking has always been the basis for economic success. It is therefore a core element of its strategy to design its business and production processes, as well as its products, in a more sustainable manner and in that way to increase the competitiveness of the company on a long-term basis.

In 2019, the DRÄXLMAIER Group generated sales of 4.9 billion euro. Customers of this member of the Top 100 Automotive Suppliers include Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche and Volkswagen, as well as Californian automotive manufacturers.


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