Information regarding the Product Change Notice Electronic

Dear value supplier,

to whom it may concern,

DRÄXLMAIER is glad to inform you about introduction of a dedicated email-account called .

It shall be exclusively used for uploading your Product Change Notifications which are relevant in context of our business.

With this new email-account we are keeping pace within the fast evolving and quite dynamic environment in electronics.


In order to progress your PCNs swiftly please take notice of following items:

Dräxlmaier is requesting you to submit all changes according to the and VDA Band 2 rules. 

In order to process the change request/ engineering change request/ product change notice DRÄXLMAIER request you to submit following information:

- PCN with detailed change description in the pcn form in the latest revision

- Logistic change road map to ensure deliveries to DRÄXLMAIER

- Delta qualification matrix filled in newest version availabe on

- AEC-Q100/200 validation planning/results


If any of this documents are missing or not complete DRÄXLMAIER cannot process your request and has to deny the change. 

Yours sincerly



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