• Global Procurement

    Chief Global Procurement

    Tobias Moch


    Procurement Electric

    Rainer Wolf


    Procurement Interior

    Gürkan Ülker


    Procurement Components & Battery

    Jörg Geffken


    Procurement Production Equipment

    Tobias Moch


    Procurement Services

    Martin Guggenberger


    Procurement Governance

    Michael Haas


  • Region Americas

    Director of Procurement Americas

    Arthur Besseau


    Procurement Electric, Components & Battery (Americas)

    Pia Ziegler


    Procurement Interior (Americas)

    Abigail DelaRosa


    Procurement Services & Production Equipment (Americas)

    Jason Prescott


    Procurement Governance (Americas)

    Juan Atehortua


  • Region Asia

    Director of Procurement (Asia)

    Giuseppe Ancora


    Procurement Direct Material (Asia)

    Alain Wu


    Procurement Services & Production Equipment (Asia)

    Iris Li


    Procurement Project Management (Asia)

    Daniel Schmidt


    Procurement Governance (Asia)

    Ricky Bi


  • Contact for EDI

    Commercial Data Exchange



    CAX-Data Exchange




    For a first contact or in case of any problems in America, please contact:

    Brian Beesley

    Phone: +1 864 433-8910 x 1036

    Fax: +1 864 486-9246



  • Support Supplier Portal

    Support DRÄXLMAIER Supplier Portal


    Please inform us of your supplier-ID every time you contact us via email.

    You should also take a closer look at our training documents - you will most likely find the needed information there.

  • Contact for logistics topics

    For any questions the staff of the operating departments of the DRÄXLMAIER Group in Vilsbiburg is pleased to be at your disposal:

    Container planning and management

    • E-Mail
    • Phone: +49 8741 47- 3211

     General Transport logistics, shipping instructions/ Routing order for shipments to Europe

    • E-Mail
    • Phone: +49 8741 47- 3189

    Logistics requirements, invoice- and delivery addresses, goods identification (e.g. Transport lables) and other matters regarding supplier logistics

    •  Phone: +49 8741 47- 5780