Individual solutions for the premium automotive industry

In May 1958, Lisa and Fritz Dräxlmaier Sr. laid the foundation for the DRÄXLMAIER Group with the production of the first 50,000 wiring harnesses.

This was a courageous step, but one based on a great fascination for innovation. After more than five decades, it is just this fascination that still drives us today.

Innovative minds

Something like this leaves its mark: on our products, our processes, but above all on our employees. Their involvement, their passion for the automobile and their enthusiasm for the new, are all outstanding foundations for forming the character of the automobile in consistently new, intelligent and sustainable ways.

Future-oriented technologies

One of these ways led us through our decades-long experience as an electrical systems specialist and inventors of the customer-specific wiring harness, not only to ever more refined electrical systems, whose complexity we manage expertly with 1031 variants. It also led us directly into future-oriented technologies for conventional and alternative drive systems, as well as electrical and electronic components.

Because technical perfection only functions as part of an entire system, we also develop central electronic components ourselves, and support the electrical mobility of the next generation, from high-voltage electrical systems to modern electrical battery systems.


As just one look at a completed seam profile shows: From fine hand workmanship up to large series, DRÄXLMAIER has mastered the unification of interior, electrical and electronics into a perfect unit. And with innovations such as flexible leather, intelligent use of light bio-composite materials, or individually variable light technology, DRÄXLMAIER demonstrates how mobility can be staged in an entirely new, individual manner – with emotionality, style and above all: with character.


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