Instrument panels

Tailor-made and ergonomic at the premium level

High-quality leather, processed and sewn, make instrument panels by DRÄXLMAIER stand out. But aesthetics are not the only thing that plays an important role in the interior of premium automobiles. No longer a pure decoration, the instrument panel now makes driving an individual experience.

With its many years of experience, DRÄXLMAIER is a valued partner in the use and integration of new and innovative functions and surfaces. For example DRÄXLMAIER continously works on the development of invisible airbag solutions with a defined airbag opening.

For greater variant diversity

One carrier, three surfaces. DRÄXLMAIER applies a completely new technology to revolutionize the diversity of instrument panels. With thin wall foaming, a carrier can be covered with leather, artificial leather or a special film. This reduces time-consuming process steps and weight, and at the same time guarantees the usual high-quality feel. The method is already being used in series production by a premium manufacturer.


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