Ambient lighting

For new accents in the passenger compartment

LIN-RGB technology

Color play on the car’s headliner: Thanks to a DRÄXLMAIER-patented process based on the LIN-RGB technology, the three basic colors of red, green and blue can be individually controlled. This results in an almost endless number of combinations for light scenarios. The intelligent RGB-LEDs used here are already calibrated during their production so that they will remain constantly bright and true to the original color – perfect color accuracy for the entire life of the car.

In the past, ambient lighting was all about aesthetics. Today, new innovations combine emotion and functionality. Communication between vehicle and passenger is becoming more and more important, especially with the advancement of autonomous driving. Lighting in the passenger compartment has now specific tasks, like the visual indication of functions and warnings in the vehicle. Ambient lighting is increasingly becoming functional light.

Our individual ambient lighting solutions are already being used in series production by various premium car manufacturers.

Microperforation Light

Hidden from sight during the day, but revealing its magic at night: Patterns and motifs such as logos or coats of arms appear outlined in light, and switch symbols become visible. The LED control permits combinations of more than 28 billion colors, while aging algorithms assure constant colors over their lifetime. Using a master/slave principle, up to 30 RGB actuators can be synchronized, controlled and diagnosed.

Dimension Light

The Dimension Light takes ambient lighting to the third dimension. An optical structure located on the back of a translucent carrier transforms spots of light into lines. These light lines create a unique, three-dimensional depth effect and a completely new sense of space inside the car.

Design Light

Homogeneous accent illumination, infinitely variable light intensity, a lounge atmosphere: the DRÄXLMAIER Design Light is a three-dimensional light conductor that elegantly combines ambient and functional lighting to provide a unique lighting experience. The lighting element consists of a transparent window, a diffuser and a two-dimensional light conductor. The perfect illumination makes the curved surface look particularly homogeneous – an exclusive design element for the premium class.

Learn more about lighting design made by the DRÄXLMAIER Group for the new BMW 7 Series.

Dynamic Light

Thanks to freely controllable RGB LEDs, the Dynamic Light features the dynamic flow of lights along a light rod: an extraordinary lighting scenario and a true eye-catcher. This makes the Dynamic Light especially suitable for the visual display of functions and warnings inside the vehicle.

Fine Light

Crisp outlines and a clear, well-defined, visible design: Fine Light is a solution that supports this claim at a high level of elegance and functionality. High luminance, delicate shapes and dynamic staging make this light unique. Even more, the installation space required for presentation of this light is reduced to a minimum.


Emphasizing brand-typical lines and shapes using light is an innovative kind of brand communication in the premium segment. This is made possible by Paspol, a variant of ambient lighting, in which a fiber optic light is integrated into leather or vinyl surfaces. This solution is clever in two respects since this kind of ambient lighting requires very little installation space.

Micro-perforation Paspol

MP Paspol is a combination of MP light and Paspol: A uniformly illuminated, flexible light guide is encased in leather, the surface of which in turn is given a micro-perforated laser-treated pattern. Thanks to this perforation, the light guide forms tiny light points. Micro-perforation Paspol creates not only an optical light scenario; its leather covering makes it a haptic experience.


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