Intelligent power distributors

For a safe, efficient energy flow

Intelligent power distribution, integrated fuse, switching and diagnostic functions, all in a single component.  The functionalities can be designed to be both fully electronic as well as hybrid (electronic and electrical).

DRÄXLMAIER offers solutions that are integrated into existing distributors or can be installed separately in the vehicle. The field of application ranges from the “B+” distributor down to spaced small distribution boards. In order to achieve rapid adaptation to customer requirements and to implement series-ready solutions, DRÄXLMAIER continuously develops new ideas and concepts.

With the use of electronic fuses and switches, weight can be saved and new installation areas used. In addition, a rapid defect analysis is enabled by diagnosability, for example in the repair shop. The intelligent power distribution is done according to loading condition, or alternatively by prioritization.

48-volt power distributor

The 48-volt voltage level brings new challenges for the electrical system and for power distribution, and increases requirements for the electrical components. Serial and parallel light arcs are much more likely and must be recognized and handled safely. Loads can be switched and secured electronically and included in an intelligent energy management system.

DRÄXLMAIER develops ideas, concepts and an assembly kit for the 48-volt electrical wiring system in order to enable rapid adaptation to customer requirements and thereby implementation into series production. Using the 48-volt power distributor, new installation spaces can be utilized and weigh can be saved by replacing relays.


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