Battery management systems

Energy management – from cell controller to battery management, to S-Box and up to a complete battery solution

Scalable battery systems include up to 20 electronic components for the efficient monitoring, measurement and control of all safety- and customer-relevant functions. The battery electronics of the DRÄXLMAIER Group include the battery control unit including isolation monitoring and thermal management, power and voltage sensors, as well as cell voltage measurement and monitoring.

Battery control unit

The battery control unit integrated into the high-voltage control box from the DRÄXLMAIER GROUP is the interface between the car and the battery. Here, the incoming battery data is measured, processed, calculated, diagnosed and communicated. From the incoming measured values, the battery control unit calculates the state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH) and the state of function (SoF) of the battery. In addition, the control unit contains a monitoring system for insulation resistance and takes over thermal management.

Current and voltage sensor dIUS

With the current and voltage sensor, or dIUS, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has developed a future-oriented, high-precision and safety-relevant measurement unit with an extensive diagnostic function. The sensor provides highly accurate measurement of both voltage and current in a high-voltage battery, while taking up a very small space and taking electrical safety into account. This applies for the entire product life span.

Cell controller

For cell monitoring and cell balancing, DRÄXLMAIER offers an integrated as well as an external solution, according to customer specification. The cell controller measures and monitors the safety-relevant values of voltage and temperature in the individual cells, and takes over the cell balancing in order to protect the cells from overloading or over-discharging.  





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