High-voltage control boxes

Interface between battery cells and high-voltage electrical system

The high-voltage control box from DRÄXLMAIER functions as the interface between the battery cells of a battery system and the high-voltage electrical system in an electrical or hybrid vehicle. It includes separator elements, fuses, highly-precise measurement technology, and safety-relevant and complex control electronics.

A central element of the high-voltage control box is the battery control unit, which records all the relevant data for the battery system, such as the voltage-and-power sensor or the cell controller. The DRÄXLMAIER current/voltage sensor, dIUS for short, determines precise data for battery management and provides a very precise determination of the charge status for the high-voltage battery and therefore the range of the vehicle.

In addition to the current/voltage sensor, the high-voltage control box contains the controls for the electrical heating of the high-voltage battery, as well as additional electronic components that are responsible for opening and closing the high-voltage circuits, the controlled start of the vehicle, as well as safeguards in case of malfunction.

The design of the box assures that the components are exposed to low mechanical and thermal stresses, which results in a high life span. The high-voltage control box is already in use in series production.


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