Special price of the Bavarian Ministery of Education and Cultural Affairs

Jugend forscht 2017 - Geschwister Reh

Anja-Sophia and Sarah-Luisa Reh

Project: Keeping an eye on blood sugar

Winner Working World

Christoph Hecker, Jakob Götz and Florian Otto

Project: Fall-protected bunker silo

Winner Biology

Felix Leon Braun

Project: Lichens of the Xanthoria species als bio-indicators in fruit production

Winner Chemistry

Philipp Herget and Maurice Noll

Project: Air purification through photocatalysis in daylight – Searching for the quantum leap

Winner Chemistry

Johannes Greiner and Stephan Wagner

Project: Examining the phenomenon of periodic precipitation in gelatine gels

Winner Geo and Space Sciences

Johannes Klatt

Project: Analysis of the fluctuations of the Fe-K-Alpha line in the Cygnus X-1 system

Winner Mathematics / Information Technology

Constantin Geier

Project: FPV_VR-Reducing latency in VR video streaming applications

Winner Physics

Bernhard Kirchmair and Vincent Nieraad

Project: Pulse form analysis of a radon ionization chamber

Winner Physics

Christoph Setescak

Project: Chemical follow-up treatment of bicycle tires

Winner Engineering

Sebastian Lew

Project: 4D chair

Winner Engineering

Luca Fäth

Project: Self-balancing Unicycle

Picture credit: DRÄXLMAIER Group


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