With our solutions in the area of lightweight construction, we support our customers in making a contribution toward sustainable mobility. DRÄXLMAIER is continuously working on optimizing the weight and construction of its products, both in the architecture of wiring harness systems as well as in vehicle interiors. New concepts of future wiring harness architectures, as well as center consoles or door panels made of natural fibers, contribute toward the reduction of CO2 emissions

Natural fibers and injection molding combined: D3F process

In the patented D3F process (DRÄXLMAIER Fast Fibre Forming), natural fibers and injection molding technologies are combined. A marked reduction in weight for interior components is made possible by this innovative use of natural fibers.

Optimized-weight wiring harnesses

By reducing the complexity of our wiring harnesses and the optimal layout of wire gauges, DRÄXLMAIER achieves considerable weight savings potential. Based on our thorough system understanding, we are able to compensate for effects using our own fuse concept. In this way, our wiring harnesses are protected at all voltage levels.

Less is more: The thin-wall foaming process

The comfortably soft quality of the surface in vehicle interior is often achieved through a foam layer between the carrier and the surface material. By means of the innovative thin-wall foaming, DRÄXLMAIER prevents the development of unnecessary high foam layer thicknesses.
By using the procedure all materials – regardless of their surface design – can be placed on the same layer. For the vehicle manufacturers and their customers this means a greater diversity of surface materials. Furthermore it saves weight and assembly space. Through different foam layer thicknesses the creation of individual haptic profiles like flexible padding pads on the surface of the components becomes possible. The foamed parts are according to weathering tests especially long-living.


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