Our Principles
The internationally accepted human rights are respected and adhered to by the DRÄXLMAIER Group. The policy is implemented in compliance with current legislation in the various markets and sites. In the event that national legal requirements conflict with any of the aspects of this policy, the DRÄXLMAIER Group will give these principles the highest possible priority within legal possibility in the affected country.

No discrimination
The DRÄXLMAIER Group ensures equal opportunity and equal treatment, regardless of ethnic and social origin, religion, age, gender, marital status, existing disability, nationality, sexual preference or political opinion, provided that they are based on democratic principles and on tolerance towards dissenters.
Employees are neither privileged nor discriminated against because of their membership in a union or an employee representation.

No child labor & and free choice of employment
Children should not be  impeded in their development; their dignity has to be respected and their safety and health should not be compromised. That is why the DRÄXLMAIER Group makes sure that all the employees adhere to the requirements of Convention no. 138 of  the ILO with regards to minimum age (currently 15 years). In addition, the DRÄXLMAIER Group ensures that child labor as stipulated in no. 182 of the ILO is neither accepted nor practiced. The DRÄXLMAIER Group guarantees that all the employees can freely choose their job. All forms of human trafficking, forced and compulsory labor are rejected.

Freedom of association
The DRÄXLMAIER Group respects the right to establish collective employee representations and to conduct collective negotiations. The DRÄXLMAIER Group and each of the employee representations work together on a trusting, constructive basis. Even in the case of controversial debates, the aim remains to preserve continued stable cooperation.

Adequate remuneration
The DRÄXLMAIER Group complies with current minimum rates of pay as guaranteed by law with no differentiation on the basis of gender. Furthermore we observe the minimum standards currently in place in the respective branches at national level.

Adherence to working hours
The DRÄXLMAIER Group respects the country-specific legal regulations and agreements on working hours and paid vacation.


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