DRÄXLMAIER Green Logistics

Sustainability – for the DRÄXLMIAER Group, this means efficient economic activity, while taking ecological and social issues into account. Employees in Green Logistics come from Container and Transport Logistics, Logistics Planning, Supplier Management and Logistics at our worldwide sites and together they work on the environmental efficiency of the DRXÄLMAIER Group. With the experts from the sustainability team, they mutually set up the carbon footprint and work out measures for the reduction of the CO2 emissions on the basis of these analyses.

One measure for sustainable logistics processes is the use of environmentally friendly fuels. Trucks powered with liquefied natural gas cause significantly lower air and noise pollution than conventional trucks.

A LNG truck is now in series operation for DRÄXLMAIER transports in northern Italy.

See the video to find out how Green Logistics contributes sustainably to shaping the entire Supply Chain:


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