How do we achieve

We pledge to meet our economic, ecological and social responsibilities at all times – above and beyond customer and legal requirements.

Environmental, energy, occupational safety and health protection play an essential part in the mission statement of the DRÄXLMAIER Group and form a supporting pillar as part of our sustainable development according to global standards. In this, we also include the activities of our service providers and suppliers.

We are SO 14001:2018 certified: download certificate


We belong
to the best

The DRÄXLMAIER Group was awarded with the seal "Top Climate Commitment 2021" by the news magazine Focus.

DRÄXLMAIER ranks fourth in the category automotive and suppliers in the top list of the German economy.

The basis of the evaluation was the current status of the company with regard to its past and present climate commitment as well as the defined goals and plans for the future.

Paris Climate Agreement


With the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 and the associated obligation to make serious emission reductions, we want to follow the example of the German Government and be climate-neutral by 2050. In order to make our contribution to the global <1.5° goal, the DRÄXLMAIER Group is, among other things, focusing on regenerative energies.

Thus, we want to produce green energy ourselves at all our global locations or, where this is not possible, obtain it from certified sources like hydropower, wind power, solar and PV. At our headquarters in Vilsbiburg, for example, we have built a new photovoltaic system as a parking garage roof. 

Closed Loop

From raw material
to reuse

The recycling of transport boxes has become second nature for DRÄXLMAIER. With our intelligent "Closed Loop" container management system, we consistently implement a closed-loop system and follow every single container we have in circulation worldwide. DRÄXLMAIER knows the CO2 footprint of every single container type and can calculate exactly how much CO2 emerges from its production to its disposal.

Green factory

Ecology in construction
and usage of plants

In addition to regenerative energies, our main focus is on optimizing our plants. In order to achieve climate neutrality, all emissions that are released in our own area of responsibility must be neutralised. In particular, this includes all emissions from electricity, heating and the mobility services.

All sustainability projects at the plants should therefore contribute to one of the four thematic blocks: 

  • Location: Consideration of the urban development Stock situation
  • Energy in buildings: Optimization of the building envelope for minimum power requirements
  • User Energy: Optimization of the user power for minimum power requirements
  • Supply systems: Optimization of the supply systems for high efficiency of plant engineering

Innovative materials and processes


As part of the innovation and series development, materials are selected according to technical, economic, social and ecological criteria and processed using resource-efficient processes.

Life cycle assessments provide us with information on main levers for optimizing our existing products and processes. This enables us to gear our product portfolio and production methods to a sustainable mobility. They also serve as a basis for evaluating research and development projects and new technologies.

Through globally established and standardized processes, sustainability is anchored in the development of DRÄXLMAIER. We focus on a systematic reduction of CO2 emissions and the increased use of sustainable materials and processes in order to convince our customers with more sustainable product solutions.