Focus on employees

Worldwide, about 75,000 men and women work for the DRÄXLMAIER Group. As a family-run company, we feel a special responsibility for them.

At DRÄXLMAIER, living our social responsibility also means to give young people a chance to further educate themselves. Whether this is done as part of an apprenticeship or through a technical college cooperation, the company offers an extensive range of opportunities for interested college and secondary students.

International education

As a partner in its regions, everywhere the DRÄXLMAIER Group is located, its opens up future prospects for young people and offers development opportunities in their home country. We consider a modern education, oriented to the requirements of the work market, to be a good investment – in the future of a person and of a country.

For this reason, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has taken on the leading role since 2012 in internationally implementing the successful model of dual education. Since then, we have introduced dual education programs in Romania, Tunisia, China, Mexico, Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova, among others. By the way, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has been participating in education in Germany for more than 40 years – in many technical and commercial professions and with great success.

Technical college cooperation

We also open development perspectives for college students who want to combine theory and practice in Germany through our trainee program, as well as internationally in cooperation with technical colleges with whom we design joint practice-oriented courses of study. For example, in the Republic of Moldova, we participated in designing the curriculum for a new bachelor’s program in engineering and management of automobile manufacture. In Romania, we are working closely with the West University of Timisoara and have cooperated substantially in the creation of a master’s program in business information systems and a bachelor’s program in accounting and information systems.

Studying with DRÄXLMAIER

Ionela Carp

Ionela Carp

Student in engineering and management in automobile manufacture, Alecu-Russo University in Balti, Republic of Moldova:

“The technical knowledge that I have acquired at DRÄXLMAIER allows me not only to actively contribute to the modernization of our industry; it also increases my personal chances for a highly-qualified job in my home country.”

Ion Bizgan

Ion Bizgan

Student in engineering and management in automobile manufacture, Alecu-Russo University in Balti, Republic of Moldova

 “Since my university cooperates closely with DRÄXLMAIER, I have been given the opportunity to do several internships. Now I know what knowledge and skills are required in an internationally operating company, which makes my entry into professional life much easier.”


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