Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety protection

Focus of the Organization

Environment, energy and occupational safety and health protection are an integral part of the corporate mission statement of the DRÄXLMAIER Group and constitute a supporting pillar of sustained development. Globally implemented standards help us assume responsibility with the focus on the values of responsibility, trust and tolerance. We are convinced that this will enable us to not only increase the satisfaction of our employees, but also to ensure that the interests of our stakeholders are maintained and that all the binding, legal obligations are reliably adhered to.

Our Responsibility

1. Market/Customer orientation
Besides the interests of our customers and  legal requirements, we undertake to comply with the aspects of environment, energy, occupational safety and health protection related to our operations at all times. If necessary and appropriate, we will also involve the activities of our service providers and suppliers. We seek open dialog with our customers, the authorities and the public on all issues connected with EHS.

2. Innovation
The innovative strength of our organization ensures that we can keep up both with the dynamics of the market environment and with social developments. Sustainable solutions relating to our products and our lines of business ensure that we continually improve not only the environment and energy performance, but also occupational safety and health protection. In doing so, we assess the entire life cycle of our products and rely on the use of new, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, health-enhancing technologies within the scope of our production.
3. Independence
The independence of those assigned with the key responsibilities and with provision of the resources required to perform the duties and achieve the targets ensures that the independence necessary to continue developing the key issues is maintained.

4. Quality
In order to control and monitor the activities, the data and information required for this is regularly assessed and provided within the organization. At the same time, we are continually improving the quality of the data and are adapting the data and information to new internal and external developments as required.
5. Focus on Employees
Our activities should not lead to any dangers and risks, both for our employees and for each particular environment. If this cannot be avoided, we will take suitable action to minimize the risks. We are convinced that work accidents and occupational illnesses can be avoided. In this connection, we  mainly have the support of motivated employees and executives, which is why we are continually sensitizing, informing and training them on this issue. We also involve them in daily work with occupational safety and health protection. We take equal care in protecting our visitors and the employees of external companies.
6. Sustainability
Avoiding environmental damage and protecting the environment are integral parts of our operations in the sustainable development of our company around the world. We are meeting the challenges of an environmentally conscious, sustainable corporate governance and performance.




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