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1990 to 1999: Innovations bring progress

From idea
to innovation

The electrical system connects all relevant components in the vehicle. The more complex the car is, the more complex the wiring harness has to be as well. A relatively simple cable was enough for the Goggomobil, but the size of the wiring systems has greatly increased over the years. More and more electronic components must be supplied with power.

Today, customers can configure their cars online before they order them. Interior, engine, paint – no vehicle is like your neighbor's. Many of these individual features depend on a wiring harness. They must be supplied with power and specifically controlled.

As a result of this, in 1990 DRÄXLMAIER developed the customer-specific wiring harness, or KSK for short. In the video, Josef Reithmaier tells us how a spontaneous idea became a genuine innovation. The KSK offers 10^31 options for individual branches.

With the order for the cockpit for the Mercedes-Benz CLK, DRÄXLMAIER became a system supplier for vehicle interiors in 1994. The company is responsible for all process steps – from development up to quality assurance.

In 1997, DRÄXLMAIER developed a functionally-integrated door module. The door for the BMW 7 Series was the first interior module that integrated all electrical and electronic functions of a door into a complete system. Shortly thereafter, BMW also ordered from DRÄXLMAIER the functionally-integrated center console for this model.

As the first system supplier, DRÄXLMAIER developed and produced a full-leather interior for the Mercedes-Benz CL Coupé. This was followed by interior orders for the BMW Z8 and the Maybach luxury limousine. DRÄXLMAIER also supplied the electrical system for all three models.

This is how the company came to establish itself as a specialist for the premium segment, which unifies both production technologies under one roof. In Vilsbiburg, the DRÄXLMAIER Technology Center was opened in 1998.

2000 to 2010: into the new millenium

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