1980 to 1989: More growth

From 10
to 2,000

The DRÄXLMAIER production sites continued to develop and the number of employees increased steadily. The initial 10 employees became almost 2,000 during the 1980s. Beginning in 1984, regular communication began via the employee magazine, D-REPORT. In addition the company suggestion process, now known as DRÄXLMAIER Ideas, was introduced.

In 1987, an automatic high-bay and small parts warehouse was set up in Vilsbiburg. Today, the logistics center, which has been expanded multiple times since then, is the central hub for the company's worldwide supply chain.

DRÄXLMAIER fundamentally changes its strategy for the North American market, closes the site in Canada and instead expands to the USA and later also to Mexico. This lays the foundation for the company's worldwide presence.

1990 to 1999: Innovation brings progress

From idea to innovation