Marijo Gundermann

Position: Project Manager in Electronic Systems Development

Site: Vilsbiburg



Marijo is a Project Manager in Electronic Systems Development and is responsible for the technical implementation of ambient light systems.

What new challenges does autonomous driving pose for vehicle interiors?

Once drivers no longer have to devote their full attention to the road, high-quality materials and appearance of the interior will become even more important. It will also increase the importance of interior lighting. For this, the DRÄXLMAIER Group has developed electronically controlled RGB-LEDs that can accurately display an endless number of colors.

Is it just a question of design?

Although it is purely a design element today that creates atmosphere, it will be able to do much more in the future. It will assist in the communication between vehicle and driver.

What is your specific task?

We develop innovative, intelligent light systems for the interiors of the future. Whether they are functions for communication or to assist in providing safety – our products are very special design elements in the vehicle. I’m proud of our light systems making us forerunners of the next era of mobility.



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