Margit Angermeier

Position: Software developer

Location: Vilsbiburg, Germany

At the DRÄXLMAIER Group, Margit Angermeier develops complex algorithms for batteries of electric vehicles.

When you finished studying, you decided to join the DRÄXLMAIER Group. Was this the right choice?
"I would never have dreamt that this work would match my personal interests. Electric cars are the future and I'm happy to contribute to the development of high-voltage battery systems for electrical mobility."

What exactly are your tasks at DRÄXLMAIER?
"You can't simply put a sensor into a battery. Complex calculations are needed to reliably show the charging condition of the battery while driving. Together with my colleagues, I develop algorithms that calculate the charging level of the battery on the basis of various factors, such as electrical current, voltage and temperature."

Although you studied math, you now work as a software developer. 
"My work greatly benefits from my studies in mathematics. My colleagues and I complement one another perfectly, as many of them studied either electrical engineering or information technology. When I was a student, I realized that I wanted to work as a software developer. I'm fascinated by the way computers think. For me, there is a particular beauty in the logic of software."


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