Lisa Koschmieder

Position: Concept Developer for Wiring Systems

Location: Vilsbiburg

In the DRÄXLMAIER Group, Lisa Koschmieder develops concepts for the cars of tomorrow.   

My work at DRÄXLMAIER:

My colleagues and I develop concepts for wiring systems of future car models. A wiring system is a part that cannot be seen by the final customer, but that is extremely important because power and data are transported wherever they are needed.

What is fascinating about my work:

 My projects are never identical because we always keep up with technological progress. Developments within the automobile industry are moving more rapidly than in any other field. Besides that, I am learning a lot about the overall system of a car because with wiring systems,  you have to keep the entire system in mind.


While studying, I worked as an intern and working student at DRÄXLMAIER, where I also wrote my bachelor thesis. After I graduated, I found a job in Concept Development Wiring Systems.  The environment is very collegial and I was involved in interesting projects right from the start. I was even allowed to participate in experiments during my pre-study internship.

Click here for a detailed article on Lisa Koschmieder. (Source: HI:TECH CAMPUS)


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