Katharina Pichlmeier

Position: Technical Model Designer

Site: Vilsbiburg

"My hobby has become my career." With a lot of enthusiasm for her work, Katharina Pichlmeier is the best trainee in her profession in the whole of Germany.

Why I did my vocational training at DRÄXLMAIER:
I’ve always been a hobby carpenter and spend my free time making things out of wood. The training in technical model making at DRÄXLMAIER was perfect for me because firstly, I work with computer simulations and modern production facilities and secondly, the work demands creativity. I have, so to speak, turned my hobby into my profession.

What I liked most about the training:
I learned very much and received a lot of support, particularly in my preparations for the final exams and for my final dissertation – both from the apprenticeship itself and by the departments in which I was able to gain a lot of practical experience. For my final dissertation, I made a model of a deep drawing tool. The deep drawing tool is used to make accurately fitting components out of raw material.

The best trainees in Germany were presented awards in Berlin by the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. This was what the award for Germany’s best examinee in technical design was like:
Standing up on the stage as the best in my profession in the whole of Germany was an incredible feeling. The good working atmosphere and the support by the apprenticeship and the department helped me achieve the good results.




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