Elsa Cacho

Position: Accounting

Plant site: Puebla

"Stay positive every day"

How did you come to work at DRÄXLMAIER?
I was already working in the automotive industry seven years ago, when our HR department contacted me directly. I investigated the company and I liked very much what I saw, so I accepted the offer without any hesitation.

How would you describe your city to your foreign colleagues?
Puebla is wonderful city that has great historical sites but is modern at the same time. It is known for being a city of culture and fine arts. There are all kinds of entertainment and recreation. Also, the cuisine of Puebla is very well known around the world.

What is your greatest professional challenge right now?
Fulfilling all goals established for the financial area, and carrying out all my responsibilities successfully.

What tip would you give a new associate on his or her first work day?
Stay positive every working day. The Dräxlmaier Group is a great company that recognizes the effort of each person.

What are your personal goals?
To help my daughter accomplish the full development in all the aspects of her life.

You never go to work in the morning without…
… giving a hug to my daughter and wishing her a good day.

If you come home really tense, what is the quickest way for you to relax?
When you enjoy your work, tension or stress can be turned into positive energy. Also, spending time with my daughter, helping her with her homework, sharing her interests, and reading a good book are always uplifting.

We all have our little idiosyncrasies. What are yours?
I‘m a realist with a dominant temperament. I am also against injustice.


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