Dario Wissler

Position: Industrial engineering

Plant site: Vilsbiburg

Dario Wissler has personally experienced the opportunities offered by the trainee program at DRÄXLMAIER: Six month after his trainee education, he has assumed full responsibility for industrial engineering at the DRÄXLMAIER Group in Great Britain. He tells about his experiences in the video.

Why is it worthwhile to do a trainee program at the DRÄXLMAIER Group? It is not only the valuable experience that you will gain during the course of the training process. Our trainees also have outstanding future prospects.

During your trainee program, you will get to know us intensively. At the end of your training, we will decide together what challenges you want to take on next.

In addition to interesting leadership tasks or project responsibility, we also offer a technical career path for experts, especially in the development area. For developers, there is the option of specializing in a technical area and climbing the career ladder at the same time.

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