Daniel Knoke

Position: Logistics manager

Location: Leipzig

How did you come to work for the DRÄXLMAIER Group?
In the automotive industry, logistics people tend to run into each other quite often. And there are always many interesting discussions at such meetings, including some on new employment perspectives. After such a discussion, I got the idea to change jobs. A short time later, I found myself being the warehouse manager in Leipzig.

How would you describe your city to your foreign colleagues?
Leipzig is a multicultural city with many things to see and do. There is always something going on in this city. From an economic standpoint, Leipzig has also developed a great deal. In addition to two large German OEMs, many well-known first-tier suppliers and the largest German logistics service providers have located here. With the DHL central office and the expansion of the airport, Leipzig has become the hub of central Germany. You could say: The future is happening here.

Would you briefly tell us what you do?
As the logistics manager, I am responsible for the complete site logistics in the vehicle projects. In addition, I am the fire protection officer at the site. 

What tip would you give a new employee on his or her first day of work?
Thoroughly study the work area and always keep his or her eyes and ears open – including beyond departmental borders. It is easier then to interpret relationships correctly and to include them successfully.

What personal goals have you set for yourself?
To become more peaceful internally.

You never go to work in the morning without …
… mentally reviewing the upcoming due dates and tasks. It is easier then to handle surprises. 

When you come home tense, how do you relax?
Most of the time I need a half hour to myself to wind down. Although that is not really easy in a three-female household – we have recently welcomed a second daughter.

We all have our habits. What are yours?
It is difficult to dissuade me from new ideas and from my principles.


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