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Software developer at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Munich

Together with his colleagues at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Paul works on simulations and models to determine the condition of vehicle batteries. The electrical engineer studied in Landshut, Munich and Madrid, and now works for DRÄXLMAIER on the mobility of the future. read more >



Margit Angermeier

Margit Angermeier

Software developer at Vilsbiburg

"I would never have dreamt that this work would match my personal interests. Electric cars are the future..." read more

August Huber

DRÄXLMAIER Group: Leiter Industrialisierung Elektronik August Huber

Head of industrialization of electronics at the Braunau site

August Huber has set up a state-of-the-art electronics production facility: "Once the cost-effectiveness has been proven, DRÄXLMAIER will quickly release investments to implement innovative production concepts."


Software developer at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Munich

Programming to the max: At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Simon works with simulation models and machine learning to develop algorithms for digital services to assess battery conditions in electric vehicles. When he studied energy engineering, Simon specialized in battery systems – and found the perfect job at DRXÄLMAIER straight out of college. read more >

Anna Bajek

Anna Bajek

Buyer at Jelenia Góra

"The beginning of my work for DRAEXLMAIER was the best decision at that time. Although the job is demanding, it gives a lot of satisfaction and offers chances for professional development. The stable employement means a stable position for me and my family."

Isabelle Roger

DRÄXLMAIER Group: Software-Entwicklerin Isabelle Roger

The international talent

Isabelle is a software developer on the DRÄXLMAIER Campus. Munich feels like home to the French native.

Fardamehr Petrarak

DRÄXLMAIER Group: Auszubildender Fardamehr Petrarak

Trainee at Vilsbiburg

Coming from Afghanistan, Fardamehr has joined DRÄXLMAIER as a trainee to become a vehicle interior outfitter. See how he has found a new home in Vilsbiburg, Germany.

Tobias Ettengruber

Tobias Ettengruber

Project manager in the special engineering department of Vilsbiburg

Tobias Ettengruber is responsible for developing and producing the testing and manufacturing equipment. Each project is different, so he has many responsibilities and he has to meet many technical challenges.

Raluca Covaci

Raluca Covaci

Team leader – assembly, customer-specific wiring harnesses at Satu Mare

"I've been with the company for 15 years and I still come to work every day with pleasure. There is always something new to explore. For example, since I am a team leader, I am learning how to motivate my co-workers and how to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere. I love working with a team and achieving results together with my colleagues."

Simon Huber

Simon Huber

Electrical wiring system developer at Vilsbiburg

Simon Huber analyzes wiring harnesses in regard to their automatization.

Daniel Knoke

Daniel Knoke

Logistic manager at Leipzig

"In the automotive industry, logistics people tend to run into each other quite often. And there are always many interesting discussions at such meetings, ..." read more

Lisa Koschmieder

Lisa Koschmieder

Concept Developer for Wiring Systems

In the DRÄXLMAIER Group, Lisa Koschmieder develops concepts for the cars of tomorrow. read more

Bettina Nitsche

Bettina Nitsche

Engineer in Advance Development at the plant site in Vilsbiburg

 I work to find solutions to technical requirements for new products. read more

Mirjana Nutkova

Mirjana Nutkova

Final Assembly Department at Kavadarci

"I am happy about the opportunity to work for this company. Who would have thought that in a small town like Kavadarci, I will get the chance to work for an international company in the premium segment of the automotive industry? I've developed so many skills and also received new certifications. The corporate and organizational culture has a positive impact on my personality, too."

Thomas Oswald

DRÄXLMAIER Group Thomas Oswald

Trainee wiring harness development at Geisenhausen

Since his childhood, Thomas Oswald showed an interest in motor vehicles. As a trainee in electrical system development at DRÄXLMAIER, he can show his passion for it every day ... read more

Linda Paintner

DRÄXLMAIER Group, Fahrzeuginnenausstatterin Linda Paintner

Automotive interior employee at Vilsbiburg

Since completing her training at DRÄXLMAIER, Linda Paintner has been working in interior predevelopment. In the video, she talks about her final thesis and her exciting job.

Sonja Praml

2015 04 20 Sonja Praml

Technical project leader for quality at Vilsbiburg

As technical project leader for quality, Sonja Praml is responsible for satisfied customers who return again and again.

Lars-Erik Pudwel

Lars-Erik Pudwel

Trainee developer for battery systems at Geisenhausen

The use of renewable energy has occupied Lars-Erik Pudwel since the beginning of his studies in mechanical engineering. As a trainee in the electronics area, he can make a contribution to the further development of alternative drives more

Christoph Riester

2015 02 26 Christoph Riester

Head of interior series development at Vilsbiburg

Along with his engineers, Christoph Riester works on the vehicle interior of the future.

Bernardo del Rio

Bernardo del Rio

Trainee electronics developer at Vilsbiburg

During his study abroad in Munich, Bernardo del Rio from Mexico felt so at home that he came back to Bavaria after completing his electrical engineering studies – and got his dream job as a trainee at DRÄXLMAIER ... read more

Dean Smilevski

Dean Smilevski

Team leader at Kavadarci

"As soon as I learned that DRÄXLMAIER was opening a site in Kavadarci, I knew that I wanted to work there sooner or later. So I applied - and was successful..." read more

Michael Windl

Michael Windl

Designer at Vilsbiburg

“The team spirit at DRÄXLMAIER is something special. I am privileged to experience this every day in developing new design studies. The entire team is highly motivated and wants to bring the project to successful implementation.”

Dario Wissler

Dario Wissler

Industrial engineering at Vilsbiburg

Dario Wissler has personally experienced the opportunities offered by the trainee program at DRÄXLMAIER: Six month after his trainee education, he has assumed full responsibility for industrial engineering at the DRÄXLMAIER Group in Great Britain ... read more

Michael Wortberg

Michael Wortberg

Electric/Electronic developer at Vilsbiburg

The record of Michael Wortberg, electrical/electronics developer at DRÄXLMAIER, is impressive. So far, patents have been applied for 25 of his inventions. Seven of them already have been patented. Another 32 applications are still in the review process ... read more

Simon Eisenreich

SAP process consultant at Vilsbiburg

"SAP offers many creative possibilities. Together with the respective departments, I implement the processes into the system and at the same time, incorporate a lot of my own ideas..." read more

Marijo Gundermann

Project Manager in Electronic Systems Development

Light designer: Marijo is a Project Manager in Electronic Systems Development and is responsible for the technical implementation of ambient light systems. read more

Tobias Kügler

Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology at the site in Vilsbiburg

“My colleagues treated me like part of a family right from the start. I was always able to rely on their support, in preparing for exams, for example. For that, there were exercises once a week and also several training courses. I was able to prepare perfectly for my exams and for the start of my career. And even with all the studying and training, I still had a lot of fun.”

Tanja Huber

Specialist for warehouse logistics at the site in Vilsbiburg

"DRÄXLMAIER operates worldwide. The prospect of being able to continue developing and working internationally motivated me right from the start. The very high level of training combined with the great team spirit and offers like the introductory seminar or “Apprenticeship Night” helped me master the training.”

Thomas Helm

Thomas Helm

Tool mechanic trainee at Vilsbiburg

"I chose to become a tool mechanic because I enjoy working with metal. I also enjoy working with the CNC-controlled machinery in our milling shop. Handling injection molding tools is very technically challenging. These are used to manufacture complex vehicle interiors, such as door panels or center consoles."

Lukas Merkle

DRÄXLMAIER Group: Doktorand Lukas Merkle

The scientist

Lukas is a PhD candidate at the Automotive Engineering department. At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus, he combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Oliver Druhm

Oliver Druhm

Team Leader at the plant site Vilsbiburg

As team leader Concept Development Wiring Systems Oliver Druhm works on creative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. read more

Regina Angermeier

Interior Vehicle Fitter

Regina Angermeier received the award in Berlin as the best trainee in her profession. Twenty-year-old Regina also learned a lot during her stay abroad. read more

Katharina Pichlmeier

Technical Model Designer

"My hobby has become my career." With a lot of enthusiasm for her work, Katharina Pichlmeier is the best trainee in her profession in the whole of Germany. read more

Sabine Hucke

DRÄXLMAIER Group, Standortleiterin Sachsenheim Sabine Hucke

Plant Manager

On the challenges of setting up the site in Sachsenheim.


Software developer at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Munich

The perfect combination: Not only is Stephan the person who writes software for vehicle electronic components at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, he is also the one who puts them into operation and provides his colleagues with functioning parts. read more >


Lilian Chen

Lilian Chen

Offshore logistics at Shenyang

"After I had worked at a Chinese company for a few years, I wanted to make a professional change. Eleven years ago, I got the chance to work for the DRÄXLMAIER Group. At that time, the automotive industry was completely new for me..." read more

Anna Hu

Anna Hu

Travel Coordinator at Shenyang

"When I joined the DRÄXLMAIER Group, I was impressed with the team spirit I found there. The achievements of a single person might be limited, but by sharing and learning from each other, we create a positive working environment to accomplish outstanding results."

Tracy Wu

Tracy Wu

HR Payroll Manager at Shenyang

"With the rapid growth of DRÄXLMAIER in China I had the opportunity to develop my career and become a team leader. DRÄXLMAIER is an excellent company that provides an open, tolerant and people-oriented environment. Our team, for example, has efficiently developed HR programs for China, and we continue making progress every day."


Elsa Cacho

Elsa Cacho

Accounting at Puebla

"I was already working in the automotive industry seven years ago, when our HR department contacted me directly. I investigated the company and..." read more

Brett Miller

Brett Miller

Sales Engineer at Duncan

"My father has spent many years in the automotive industry, and through observing his career, accomplishments, and opportunities, I gained a desire to follow in his footsteps..." read more

Katherine Knarr

Material Planner

"Eight years ago, I joined the DRÄXLMAIER team in Duncan. I worked  in the warehouse before moving on to the planning group in Supply Chain Management..." read more

Guillermo Rodriguez

Guillermo Rodriguez

Manager at San Luis Potosi

"Back in 2005, when the DRÄXLMAIER Group first began operations in San Luis Potosi, I heard that this company would become one of the biggest and most important employers in the state..." read more

Robin Wilkins

Receiving Clerk

"I joined DRÄXLMAIER as a member of the high bay logistics team. Just some months later I started in my current position as receiving clerk..." read more

Lonny Barton

Logistics Team Leader

"At DRÄXLMAIER, I started as a nightshift forklift driver. Meanwhile I am working as logistics team leader on the nightshift..." read more


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