Global Player in education

DRÄXLMAIER is a pioneer in the education of young people abroad  

With its international vocational training programs, DRÄXLMAIER fosters young talents at its sites abroad. As a partner in the region, we counteract the shortage of trained specialists and assure uniform standards in education.

International vocational training began at the DRÄXLMAIER Group in 2012 at Codlea, Romania, with five trainees for mechatronics technicians. Since then, we have introduced dual training/ education programs according to international standards at additional international sites.

DRÄXLMAIER is currently offering educational programs at these sites throughout the world:
• Germany: Vilsbiburg, Landau, Ingolstadt, Weyhausen, Bischofswiesen
• Austria: Braunau
• Romania: Codlea, Hunedoara, Pitesti, Satu Mare and Timisoara
• Tunesia: Sousse, Siliana 
• China: Benxi
• Republic of Moldova: Balti
• Macedonia: Kavadarci
• Mexico: San Luis Potosi, Lagos de Moreno 
Nicaragua: Masaya

DRÄXLMAIER has set a standard worldwide for all training and educational programs with regard for content, teaching materials, evaluation criteria, training documentation, handbooks and testing. In this way, we are assuring an equally high standard of education and training throughout the world.


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