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Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Isabelle Roger Software developer

Isabelle is a software developer at the DRÄXLMAIER campus. A French citizen, she feels right at home in Munich.

"I want to learn new things and keep developing myself. DRÄXLMAIER is always bringing new technologies to the road, and I like that."

Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Simon Meier Software developer

Programming to the max: At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Simon works with simulation models and machine learning to develop algorithms for digital services to assess battery conditions in electric vehicles.

"I already specialized in battery systems when I was studying energy engineering – and found the perfect job at DRÄXLMAIER straight out of college."

Our highlights

We encourage talent

Performance and talent management: With us, you achieve your professional goals. To do this, we annually discuss what you hope to further achieve in your career journey. We then offer you an specialist, management or project leader career path. Apply now!

Our highlights

Personnel Development

Through job rotation, coaching, on-the-job training, job shadowing and training in our company's own Business Academy, you are well prepared for new challenges. Personal needs assessments, grants and special leave allow you to develop your individual skills. Apply now!

Our highlights

Work internationally

We work together across countries and continents as one big team. Our intercultural training courses, preparation seminars for foreign assignments and business trips, or language courses will prepare you well. Apply now!




Well integrated from the very beginning: Our onboarding prepares you for a comfortable entry. If needed, we can also support you in looking for a home and moving. Mentoring: During your training period, a colleague will help you find your way in your new job.

Attractive conditions

Our pay package offers you an attractive pay structure, above-average vacation times and opportunities for overtime compensation. Our social benefits extend from a company pension to attractive offers for insurance policies. Special grants and special leave for certain life events.

Work-life balance

Flexible working times: Our working time accounts, such as flex time and business trip accounts, make it easier to combine job, family and free time. Depending on their job and upon discussion with their supervisor, our employees also have the option to work from home.

Part-time models

We change with you: Things in your personal or work-related environment can change. This could lead to a change in your needs regarding daily work times. Our part-time models can adjust to these changes.

Family friendly

At some sites (depending on availability), we offer daycare openings for the children of our employees. We organize options for free-time pursuits. We provide you with a network for parents.

Stay healthy

Be sporty: For example, with health awareness days, fitness programs, running and walking courses, or economical massage offers. Teams of our employees represent the company at numerous sporting events. Healthcare: An independent external employee assistance program supports you in case of personal or family problems. Our on-site medical clinic offers check-ups and preventive programs.


Good posture: Our workstations in both offices and production are ergonomically designed to protect your health.

App for carpooling

With a company-owned ride sharing app, you can easily form carpools with your colleagues.

Benefits and discounts

Employees receive attractive conditions from numerous providers at our locations.

Cafeteria and food trucks

Whether lunch, a snack in between or a coffee break - we offer great food at fair prices.


on board!

In order to make your entry at DRÄXLMAIER as easy as possible, you will get to know DRÄXLMAIER and work in a structured way for your first six months on the job. An "onboarding buddy" will also be by your side to assist and advise you.

Arriving at DRÄXLMAIER


Your first day
You will get to know your team and get your first impressions. Your "onboarding buddy" will tell you everything you want to know about everyday working life with us.
After two weeks
Orientation continues
You begin your personal orientation plan and participate in the first training and orientation courses, as well as meetings with your colleagues.
After four weeks
Initial feedback
You will have your first feedback meeting with your supervisor and discuss the status of your orientation. If necessary, the two of you will agree on changes and adjustments.
After three months
Taking stock
You will have an interim review of your orientation with your supervisor. You will meet with your HR representative and report on your experiences.
After six months
Really getting started
Congratulations! You have successfully mastered the onboarding journey and can now continue your journey at DRÄXLMAIER!

Top perspectives

Your start at DRÄXLMAIER

Apply now!


Application process

Register and apply
Found a job you are interested in?
Then register in the application portal and upload all relevant documents there. It is also possible to apply for multiple positions or to submit an unsolicited application through the portal.
Submit application
We let you know
You will be informed when the application is received. Handling your application can take several days. If you should have any questions during that time, please feel free to contact us. As soon as we have news on your application, we will contact you.
Telephone interview
Getting to know you
If we are interested in you application, we will generally invite you to participate in a telephone interview. In this, we would like to get to know you and you skills, and to describe the open position to you. If we are not interested in your application, however, you will receive a letter of refusal.
Personal interview
Your chance
If you have impressed us in the telephone interview, we will invite you to a personal interview. In this, we are primarily interested in seeing your soft skills, and we will clarify any questions concerning the general conditions of the job.
Final decision
You get feedback
After your personal interview, we will take a few days to make a decision. You will then receive over the phone concrete feedback on the meeting. If we have decided to hire you and you have decided to work with us, you will receive your work contract.

Always there for you

Our recruiting team is always ready for your questions.


We belong to the best

The DRÄXLMAIER Group is one of the best employers in the entire industry. We regularly receive awards such as the Top Employer Award Germany or recently the award as one of the World’s Best Employers 2021 from Forbes Magazine. Both awards confirm our high employee orientation and honor our enthusiasm for topics such as the integration of new employees, flexible working hour models, or offers for employees and further development opportunities.