Questions? Answers!

  • How do I apply for jobs in Germany?

    Using our online application system you may apply for:

    • Permanent positions
    • Internships
    • Working student positions
    • Thesis writing positions

    at our sites in Germany. Please upload your resume, which is essential for an application. In addition you are welcome to upload other important documents such as work and school certificates and records of additional individual qualifications (e.g. work in foreign countries, references).

  • What documents do you need?

    As a student for an internship, thesis writer or a work/study activity:

    • Current certificate of college/university registration
    • Current courses and grades
    • Internships and work certificates
    • Certification of high school graduation (diploma, "Abitur" certificate)

    As an entry level employee/recent college graduate:

    • College diploma (if not yet available: current transcript)
    • Internship and work certificates
    • Certification of high school graduation (diploma, "Abitur" certificate)

    As an experienced employee or professional:

    • Work and internship certificates
    • College diploma (e.g. bachelor’s degree, diploma certification with grade summary)
  • To whom should I address my letter of application?

    The job descriptions list a contact person from the Human Resources department, to whom you should direct your letter. For applications on your own initiative, you may use a general form of address.

  • When should I apply at the DRÄXLMAIER Group?

    You can apply with us all year. Please note that you must submit your complete application documentation approximately three months before your desired start date.

  • How can I tell whether the jobs on the home page are still current?

    All open positions at the DRÄXLMAIER Group are published and maintained so they are current. We are looking for enthusiastic employees to fill all positions that are listed on our home page.

  • I do not see the exact position I would like among your open vacancies. Can I apply anyway?

    You can apply for jobs at our sites in Germany at any time on your own initiative, using our online application system; this also applies for internships, work-study positions and thesis writing.

  • I am interested in several jobs or sites. Is one application sufficient?

    It is always possible that there are several open positions that interest you. You are welcome to apply for more than one open position in your application documentation. The application should be done using the job postings listed. The online application form will already be filled out after the first application, but can be changed as needed. You will have to upload the attachments again for each application, however.

  • What should I note in my application?

    Please do not apply only with reference to a website ("You can find my information at…").

    Especially for applications on your own initiative, please always include the area in which you would like to work.

  • I have submitted my application; now what?

    As soon as you send us your application you will receive an automated confirmation. Your application will be sent to our central recruiting department, where our associates will look at each individual application. As soon as we have information on the status of your application, we will contact you.

  • Can I reapply after being turned down?

    Of course. Due to the wide range of positions at our company, it is entirely possible that you might be declined for one position but be a perfect fit for another!

  • Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

    If you still have questions that have not been answered, please contact the appropriate contact person below. We will be glad to answer your questions right away. 

    Contacts for apprenticeship positions and trial training courses:
    Annett Erber, +49 8741 47-1158

    Contact for thesis writers/internships/work-study positions:
    Melanie Wischinski, +49 8741 47-2420 

    Contact for online applications:
    Cintia Loebnitz, +49 8741 47-2119 

    Contact for technical problems:
    IT ServiceDesk, +49 8741 47-3333 

    Please be sure to describe the exact problem or error message.


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