Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Dominik Fleisch Development

What was your application process like?
My application process was uncomplicated. Before my permanent position, I had already worked for DRÄXLMAIER as a temporary employee. When I found out that a position suitable for me was vacant in the company, I immediately applied for the advertised position. I was promptly invited to a personal meeting with the responsible HR manager and the responsible executive. The atmosphere at the interview was relaxed and pleasant.

Why did you choose this job?
For me it is important to have a working environment with a future. Since I am fascinated by the topic of electromobility, which will be a central component of the automotive industry in the next few years, I wanted to be involved in this from the very beginning of my professional life. 

What does your typical working day look like?
My typical workday starts with greeting my colleagues and briefly checking my workstation to make sure all the important utensils for a successful workday are available. Even before I open my email inbox, I get an overview of upcoming tasks and appointments. This makes me aware of the focus topics of the day.

After that, it's down to the nitty-gritty. As a defect manager, I monitor the processing and documentation of product defects during the product development phase. In the morning, I therefore first check whether new defects have been reported for product developments and then plan the next steps.

During the course of the day, I discuss the current analysis results, planned troubleshooting measures, and test results with developers from the project team or with customers.

In addition to my work in development projects, I work daily on the further development of work instructions and processes for defect management. In doing so, I check for improvement potentials, work out suggestions for improvement and implement them after approval.

What's great about your job?
Always being one step ahead. Since I'm involved in the development of products that will hit the market in a few years, I know the trends and innovations of the future in the field of e-mobility at a very early stage. And really the greatest thing is the incomparable feeling that fills me over and over again when, after a long development phase, I finally discover a vehicle on the road with a component that I helped develop. That makes me proud!

What challenges does your job present?
Errors that occur often have big differences in their nature and their impact. There is usually no standard procedure for finding the cause of an error and solving it. We are constantly challenged and always looking for the optimal solution.

What makes your team special?
The way we deal with each other is relaxed, collegial and at the same time characterized by respect. Both professionally and privately, we can exchange ideas on a wide range of topics. We live and breathe quality, and we have high standards for the concepts and content we develop.

Why is your employer a good fit for you?
DRÄXLMAIER already has a multifaceted portfolio in the field of electromobility with products I personally find very exciting. In particular, the structure, functionality and continuous development, for example of a battery system, impress me over and over again.