Characters at DRÄXLMAIER

This is what our employees say. 

Ralf Schmidt

Ralf Schmidt Standortleiter DRÄXLMAIER Campus

The boss

As the Site Manager, Ralf Schmidt is setting up the new DRÄXLMAIER Campus.


The international talent

Isabelle is a software developer on the DRÄXLMAIER Campus. Munich feels like home to the French native.


The scientist

Lukas is a PhD candidate at the Automotive Engineering department. At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus, he combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


The developer

Together with his colleagues at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Paul works on simulations and models to determine the condition of vehicle batteries. The electrical engineer studied in Landshut, Munich and Madrid, and now works for DRÄXLMAIER on the mobility of the future. read more >


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The tinkerer

The perfect combination: Not only is Stephan the person who writes software for vehicle electronic components at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, he is also the one who puts them into operation and provides his colleagues with functioning parts. read more >

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The battery specialist

Programming to the max: At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Simon works with simulation models and machine learning to develop algorithms for digital services to assess battery conditions in electric vehicles. When he studied energy engineering, Simon specialized in battery systems – and found the perfect job at DRXÄLMAIER straight out of college. read more >

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Maria Ott

Maria Ott

The organizational talent

"I coordinate the teamwork with the faculty for automotive engineering at the TU Munich in the research project "aCar mobility". In this project, we are developing an electrical utility vehicle that is specially designed for the rural areas of Africa. As a research associate, I have dealt extensively with mobility concepts of the future – thus making initial contact with the DRÄXLMAIER Group. The change to the DRÄXLMAIER Campus was definitely the right decision. After the initial training, I quickly assumed full responsibility for my project. I received great support for this from the young team. Our advantages are not only our start-up mentality; we can draw on the extensive competences that the DRÄXLMAIER Group has been developing for decades now. In my opinion, this combination of innovation and experience is the recipe for success."

Tobias Schweigert

Tobias Schweigert

The inventor

"I'm a software developer on the DRÄXLMAIER Campus, the new research and development site in Garching and I develop algorithms for the electrical systems of the future. Cars that drive autonomously have the highest safety requirements. In the future, technology will take on an increasing number of safety-related tasks, making the reliability of certain parts even more important – I achieve the requirements necessary for this in the software of the control units. I really enjoy working in an innovative environment like that. Together with my colleagues, I can develop solutions for tomorrow's mobility."

Further characters

This is what our employees say

This is what our employees say

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