At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus we combine the advantages of an international organization with a living start-up culture. This is reflected in the way we design our offices.

We have developed a modern concept for our offices and lab areas. On the 1,000 square meters of space, there are not only offices, but also rest areas and creative zones. There is room to relax on our terrace during breaks or in the evenings.

There are many advantages of our site in the GALILEO building. The new center has a variety of amenities, like a fitness studio, a supermarket, bars and restaurants. GALILEO provides the Campus of the Technical University Munich in Garching with a vibrant center that optimally combines teaching, working and relaxation.

The site of the DRÄXLMAIER Campus

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GALILEO - ein vitales Zentrum für die Forschungsstadt

A vibrant center for the city of research