Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Simon Meier Software developer

Programming to the max: At the DRÄXLMAIER Campus in Garching near Munich, Simon works with simulation models and machine learning to develop algorithms for digital services to assess battery conditions in electric vehicles.

"I already specialized in batterie systems when I was studying energy engineering - and found the perfect job at DRÄXLMAIER straight out of college."

Characters @ DRÄXLMAIER

Isabelle Hellfritsch Software developer

Isabelle is a software developer at the DRÄXLMAIER campus. Born as a French citizen, she feels right home in Munich.

"I want to learn new things and keep developing myself. DRÄXLMAIER is always bringing new technologies on the road, and I like that."

Agile working

On the Campus we work with agility, use Scrum and seek consensus within the team in daily stand-up meetings.

Close to TUM

The DRÄXLMAIER Campus is right in the center of the Technical University in Garching near Munch.

New trends

Research on the Campus focuses on future trends – from E-mobility right up to autonomous driving.

Modern workplace

Be it in the office kitchenette, in creative areas or in sound-proof office booths - we can choose between quiet workplaces and areas to exchange creative ideas.

Wide range of facilities

The Campus is located close to shopping facilities, a fitness studio and bars and restaurants. A great way of combing work and leisure!

Perfect mix

Not only developers work on the Campus. There are also experts from IT and some other areas.


In an organization with more than 75,000 employees in 20 countries, many of our associates work abroad.

Good connections

Located just near the subway station, the DRÄXLMAIER Campus can easily be reached both by public transport and by car.

Digital footprint

The use of digital media enables us to work with associates all over the world. Whether in home office, at meetings or online: Digital communication at DRÄXLMAIER is an important asset.

Young team

The staff is as young as GALILEO that was set up in 2018. The nearby university campus is a continual source of new ideas.



From Kanban to Scrum:Besides the agile working methods, digital collaboration is very popular in Garching.  That’s why along with daily stand-up meetings, there are telephone conferences and MS Teams meetings.


Research and

Work on the Campus mainly deals with the mega-trends in the automobile industry. From E-mobility and connectivity, right up to autonomous driving. Automobile trend-setters really get their money’s worth.


Working Environment

The modern design of the DRÄXLMAIER offices can be found in the whole building complex that was set up as recently as 2018. Being so close to the campus of the TU Munich enables the company to benefit from current trends.

DRÄXLMAIER in Garching

How to reach
the Campus

The DRÄXLMAIER Campus is located at the GALILEO building in Walther von Dyck-Strasse 6 in Garching near Munich.


Working at the DRÄXLMAIER Campus